Cinq Symboles

Wind, Earth, Water, Space and Fire: the titles of these five pieces for clarinet solo lead the instrumentalist to explore different sound possibilities and means of expression. Wind, for example, evokes “blow, breeze, gust”; Water, “waves crashing on the shore, dying then reviving…”; Fire, “burning twigs, sparks coming out of nowhere…”.

The title of the cycle, Five Symbols, encourages the performer to also search for emotional equivalences: beyond the figurative appearance, each symbol can lead to the unspeakable.

Each piece sets a technical challenge, in the way of short studies: smoothness of legato; precision and speed in the staccato; contrasts of dynamics or tempi. On an ad hoc manner, and always for poetic expressive purposes, the score requires glissando, ghost notes, multiphonic sounds. This score is meant for advanced clarinetists.

Finally it should be noted that the performer can play the five pieces in whatever order, according to his convenience.

Anthony Girard
(translation Philippe Do)


clarinette solo