Psaume LXV

« Ô Dieu ! la louange t’attend ! »

(édition scientifique)

This work started with the study of a manuscript kept at the Strasbourg University Library. This manuscript is a chorus for mixed voices written by Marie Jaëll and dedicated to her husband. In Steinseltz (Alsace) where the composer was born, this psalm of praise is particularly convenient for the harvest time.

In order to remain faithful to the text, we have decided to note only the dynamics and the musical indications of the manu- script. However, we have added the accidentals when they were absolutely lacking in order to make the reading easier. In the same way, we have written the lyrics under the voice parts for which they did not appear as well as the slurs above melisms. Finally, we had to add a few diaeresis and place some syllables due to imprecisions in the manuscript’s notation.