Dixit Dominus

RV 595

réduction piano de

This Dixit, which would have opened the vespers to the Virgin, could have also been written for the Sunday vespers; however the existence of an Introduzione al Dixit autograph score in Turin which alludes to the coronation of the Virgin serves as proof that this Dixit RV 595 was doubtless executed during the celebration of a Virginal feast, most probably that of the Assumption, yet could have just as well been sung again to celebrate the Visitation, a major holy day at the Ospedale della Pietà.

Jean-Pierre Demoulin
(translation S. M. Catalano)


  • I. Dixit Dominus (Allegro)1
  • II. Donec ponam (Andante)9
  • III. Virgam virtutis (Allegro)18
  • IV. Tecum principium (Allegro)22
  • V. Juravit Dominus (Largo adagio)26
  • VI. Tu es sacerdos (Presto)28
  • VII. Dominus a dextris tuis (Allegro)30
  • VIII. Judicabit in nationibus (Largo)32
  • IX. Implebit ruinas (Presto)34
  • X. De torrente (Largo)40
  • XI. Gloria Patri (Andante)43
  • XII. Sicut erat (Allegro)47

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A recording of Dixit Dominus is available on the Naïve label.

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