E vagano lenti gli ossimori della mia anima

Human life is often paradoxical. The human being is a living paradox. Sometimes, an author, a human being by nature, is, in the course of his expressive search, under the action of divergent sometimes antinomic forces, that can lead to precisely paradoxical results: real and true expressive oxymores. What is to be done then? Which road is to be taken? Suffocating a part of oneself in favour of the other? If so, which one? And why? For some, the answer is not easy to find. What if, on the contrary, this answer did not even exist? In this composition, the dialectical presence of these contradictory expressive and compositional intentions, which, from the beginning has variedly (and often unconsciously) pervaded all my work, is getting obvious. It is the result of an act of will, a motor of a whole trying to come true as one of the possible ways turned towards the search of the dialectical synthesis of the varied, sometimes antithetical, compositional matrix (“souls”).

As I came to know the work of the very young poet Simone Pansolin, I chose one of his verses as the title of this composition, as it can efficiently evoke, describing nothing but alluding only, the complexe and conflictual expressive-compositional situation. A situation that is decidedly musical and therefore also human.

Stefano Procaccioli
(translation Philippe Do)


violon et piano