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L’Espace des songes

Trois Madrigaux

Initially commissioned by the Réunion island territorial collectivity, this 3-movements piece integrated in its first version a Maloya traditional music group in the orchestral writing. In the second version, this founding principle remained by placing within the orchestra a male or female singer, as a custodian of a traditional culture of improvised singing.

This performer embodies “the space of the dreams” in the relationship he is maintaining with the field of the “writing”, of which he can be a commentator without never being perceived as a soloist.
This piece is divided in three movements linked by recorded elements designed as imaginary acoustic landscapes where one can still hear what belongs to the figurative world of Nature (night crickets, birds, slightly transformed and “tuned” storms, but also human rumours gathered on different geographical areas, countries and continents).

These landscapes belong to this space of the dreams, that they color and inhabit with the orchestra and the voice.

Each movement, according to the very nature of the madrigal form, has a different contrapuntal style, where each acoustic space (written, improvised or recorded) has its own part.

Henry Fourès
(translation Philippe Do)

Création de la seconde version au festival Les musiques, G.M.E.M., Marseille le 17 mai 2012 avec l’orchestre Avignon Provence sous la direction de Samuel Jean, et Beñat Achiary, voix.


1 voix d’homme ou de femme (improvisée)
2 flûtes (flûte 1 jouant la petite flûte)
1 hautbois
1 cor anglais
1 clarinette en si b
1 clarinette basse en si b
1 saxophone baryton en mi b
2 cors en fa
2 trompettes en ut
1 trombone
2 percussionnistes
8 violons 1
6 violons 2
6 altos
4 violoncelles
2 contrebasses
1 sonorisateur

Autres formes

(couverture de L’Espace des songes)

L’Espace des songes

Trois Madrigaux
(couverture de L’Espace des songes)

L’Espace des songes

Trois Madrigaux