The thebaid is the place searched by the wise man to find serenity and calm. A solitary retreat. These music and text alone are to me a new form of “thebaid”, a place where to revitalize, a place of the soul where peace strives to prevail… I describe the place by images, sensations, feelings; it is my description, I don’t impose anything, I am a witness, a sheer witness… I am searching for calmness in me; this musical thebaid is a step forward on the path to it.

And as there is no coincidence, dreams meet the crudest reality in that: I have a house, not far, a house with a name that I did not choose, contrary to what is often the case…The house’s name is “La Thébaïde”!

Thébaïde was commissioned by flutist Hélène Lazartigues to whom it is dedicated.

(translation Philippe Do)