Bernard de Vienne

In 1993, Bernard de Vienne was awarded the First Prize of the International Composition Competition in Trieste, Italy.

From his training as a modern and baroque flautist, he has kept a strong taste for improvisation, the search for unusual sounds and the joy of performing. From Tunisia, his homeland, a strong influence by world musics. From his university studies, an appetite for culture under all forms: arts, science, philosophy…

His colorful, imaginative and ever changing music draws its inspiration at all these sources and is characterized by the layout of multiple themes with different moods, which from variation to variation, interact with each other and on the formal progress. Here we find an acute awareness of the musical setting, a refined orchestration as well as an ever renewed attention to harmony.

His works, commissioned by many renowned performers, instrumental ensembles and institutions, are regularly performed in concerts, “carte blanche” events, festivals, musical salons… They are written for various groups—from solo instrument or voice to symphonic orchestra—and are published by François Dhalmann, Lemoine and Symétrie.


(couverture de Les Échos du silence)

Les Échos du silence

texte de Sylvie Germain

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de Vienne, Bernard. Les Échos du silence, texte de Sylvie Germain, Symétrie, 2018, 8 p.