Deux Psaumes

(couverture de Deux Psaumes)
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Why are you so far away Adonaï ?
Psalm 9B (passim)
The psalm 9B is a violent imprecation: the cry of a man hunted down by the enemy “lying in wait, hidden like a lion in the underbrush. Of this God sees nothing”. ! »
But indeed He finally does! As if in an ultimate exertion, the man’s outburst finishes in an entreaty: “Rise, Lord! Raise your hand! (…) He who is weak surrenders to you; you know, Adonaï, the long waiting of the poor.”
This psalm is appropriately dedicated to the memory of a martyr of our time: Gabriel Longueville.

Adonaï, you fathom and know me
Psalm 138 (passim)
God is the all-knowing one, He who precedes, who guides me
and pursues me, who saw me “when I was yet unfinished”.
The man acknowledges the wonder he is. He ends his psalm with this beautiful invocation: “Listen to me, my God; you will know my heart!”

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