Patrick Alliotte

Born in the south of France, Patrick Alliotte discovered his passion for architecture at a very early age. He received his diploma of architect dplg in 2000. At the same time, he became fascinated by the lyrical arts and successively joined the Marseille Conservatory and the Lyon National Conservatory of Music and Dance.

He pursued a career as an lyric artist for ten years in the bass-baritone repertoire. Today, Patrick Alliotte devotes himself fully to his architecture agency and spends his free time writing. Le papillon omnivore is his third book published by Symétrie after L’épopée Despieds and Alain Fondary, la voix du souffleur.


(couverture de Le papillon omnivore)

Le papillon omnivore

(couverture de L’épopée Despieds)

L’épopée Despieds

(couverture de Alain Fondary)

Alain Fondary

la voix du souffleur

Format bibliographique à copier

Alliotte, Patrick. Le papillon omnivore, Symétrie, 2020, 320 p.
Alliotte, Patrick. L’épopée Despieds, préface de Amaury du Closel, Symétrie, 2014, 232 p.
Alliotte, Patrick. Alain Fondary, la voix du souffleur, préface de Roberto Alagna, Symétrie, 2011, 168 p.